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State Salvage Laws

Are you thinking about buying a salvage vehicle? It's important to know the laws in each state before making your purchase. Click the link below to learn more. If you have any questions about salvage vehicles, you can call us at (201) 378-3121. We're here to help!


Alabama Salvage Law
Arizona Salvage Inspection
Arkansas Salvage Title Laws


California Salvage Inspection
Connecticut Salvage Title Information


Delaware Salvage Vehicle Services Titling
Delaware Salvage Vehicle Services Titling (Out of State Tilte)


Florida Salvage Title Application


Georgia Salvage Title Law


Idaho Salvage Vehicles Fact Sheet
Illinois Salvage Title Laws
Indiana Code: Salvage Motor Vehicles


Kansas Salvaged Vehicle Regulations
Kentucky Salvage Title Law
Kentucky Rebuilt Title Registration


Louisiana Salvage Title Inspection


Maryland Salvage Vehicle Inspection
Massachusetts Salvage Inspections
Michigan Salvage Inspection
Minnesota Salvage Title Information
Mississippi Salvage Inspection Division
Missouri Salvage Title Information
Montana Application for Salvage Certificate of a Vehicle
Montana Title Manual (Salvage Titles on pg. 73)


Nebraska Laws for Salvage Title
Nevada State Rebuildable (Non-Salvage) and Salvage laws
New Hampshire Salvage and Rebuilt Vehicles
New Jersey Application for Salvage Certificate of Title - Click here for a Step By Step Guide
New Jersey, How to Obtain a Salvage Title
New Mexico Vehicle Procedures Manual
New York Apply for a Salvage Vehicle Examination - Click here for a Step By Step Guide
North Carolina Duplicate Salvage Title Application
North Dakota Application for Certificate of Title & Registration
North Dakota Certificate of Vehicle Inspection


Ohio Salvage Title Inspection Instructions
Oklahoma Salvage Title Laws
Oregon Titling & Registering a Reconstructed Vehicle


Pennsylvania Reconstructed Vehicle Titling Procedure
Pennsylvania Application for Reconstructed, Theft and Flood Vehicle Titles


Rhode Island Application for Salvage Inspection Form
Rhode Island Salvage Title Instructions


South Carolina Owner's/Rebuilder's Affidavit
South Carolina Affidavit of Reconstructed Vehicle & Instructions
South Dakota Title Application Form
South Dakota Titling Vehicles Guide
South Dakota Affidavit for Rebuilt Vehicle


Tennessee Rebuilt Vehicle Regulations
Texas Rebuilt Title Laws & Information. (Chapter 5)


Vermont Rebuilt Title Application
Vermont Branded Title Vehicle Inspection Form
Virginia Reconstructed Title Information


Washington Salvage and Rebuilt Title Information
West Virginia Salvage & Rebuilt Title Information
Wisconsin Salvage Title Vehicle Inspection Information
Wisconsin Salvage & Rebuilt Title Information
Wyoming Salvage & Rebuilt Titling Information

Please be aware that BidGoDrive does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the information provided in these links. They are purely for informational purposes and should be used with caution and your own judgment. Each state linked here is responsible for keeping their information up to date on their official websites.

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