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International Shipping

International Shipping

Large container ship sailing on open water for international shipping services

BidGoDrive can ship vehicles to any US port. It is the buyer’s responsibility to make all arrangements at the port, including payment for the driver. All paperwork will be sent with the vehicle as required by US Customs for export.

For detailed information on pricing and shipping options to your desired port, kindly get in touch with one of the recommended freight companies that we have listed below.

Marine Transport Logistics
Contact: Ami Janach
Tel: +1 (201) 858 8600

CFR Classic Worldwide
Tel: (310) 223-0474

NVS International
Contact: Anna
Tel: (908) 523-0266

We offer weekly sailings from ports in the USA to international ports worldwide.

Since many people only ship 1 vehicle from the USA, RoRo shipping is commonly used. Shipping vessels depart on a weekly basis from U.S. seaports. We offer several vehicle shipping methods and additional services, to meet all your auto shipping needs:

RoRo Shipping

RoRo ship transporting vehicles, rolling on and off the vessel for efficient international shipping

RoRo vessels, also known as Roll-on/Roll-off ships, are designed specifically for transporting wheeled cargo, particularly motor vehicles and motorcycles. These ships are equipped with ramps that allow vehicles to be driven on and off the vessel, as opposed to lift-on/lift-off (LoLo) vessels, which use cranes to load and unload cargo. The term "Roll-on/Roll-off" refers to the method of loading and unloading the vehicles onto the ship.

Once loaded onto the RoRo vessel, each vehicle is secured in its designated location using appropriate tie-down methods to ensure safe transportation during transit. This includes utilizing restraints such as straps or chains to secure the wheels and suspension of the vehicle to prevent movement during transit.

RoRo shipping has several advantages over container shipping, one of which is the reliable departure and arrival dates. The shipping schedule for RoRo vessels is similar to an airline flight schedule. Additionally, RoRo shipping is the preferred method for new car manufacturers to transport their own vehicles. This is because not only do they have exact departure and arrival dates, but the vehicles are also protected against external elements as they are tied down below deck.

Exclusive Container Shipping

Exclusive container shipping with a single vehicle securely loaded inside for added protection during international transport

Exclusive container shipping is a popular option for shipping vehicles, particularly for those who wish to transport their personal belongings along with the vehicle. This method involves placing a single vehicle in an exclusive container, ensuring that it is not shared with any other vehicle. However, it is important to note that this method is typically more expensive than other options such as shared container or RoRo shipping.

For non-operational vehicles, shared and exclusive container methods are used as RoRo ships are only suitable for shipping running vehicles.

Open and Enclosed Auto Shipping

Open and enclosed auto transport trucks, showcasing both methods for safe and secure vehicle shipping to the port

BidGoDrive, offers the convenience of transporting your vehicle to the port if you are unable to drive it yourself. By having one company handle both the transport and shipping, you will not have to deal with multiple agents. With a proven track record and experience, BidGoDrive has the practical know-how to handle all phases of car shipping, including transport to the port.

We offer two options for auto shipping: open and enclosed.

Open Auto Shipping is the most common and least expensive method of car shipping in the U.S. It is widely used for shipping vehicles like sedans and minivans and is often used by car manufacturers to reduce costs. It is a safe and cost-effective method.

Enclosed Auto Shipping, on the other hand, is used for shipping luxury, exotic, specialty, or vintage cars. The cost of this method is higher, but the risk factor is greatly reduced as the vehicle is not exposed to the elements. This method is ideal for those with a slightly higher budget, and the car will usually be shipped along with 2-3 other vehicles. A special ramp or lift-gate is used to load the cars into the transport truck, providing peace of mind for the customer.

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