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No they do not. There are clean title vehicles available. To view all the clean title vehicles listed on our website please click here.

  • 1. Lot Drives or Yard Drives - when a vehicle will drive around a parking lot, but cannot be driven on public highways and roads until all the repairs are complete.
  • 2. Good Airbags, Airbags Okay or Airbags Intact - The airbags have not been deployed, after an accident has occurred.
  • 3. Rollover - when a vehicle has rolled over heavily and damaged sides, posts, roof and little glass remains.
  • 4. Recovered Theft - when a vehicle was totaled by insurance company for missing pieces and sometimes damage.
  • 5. Fire Damage - when a vehicle has been damaged to fire to any of the major components of a vehicle.
  • 6. Actual - the odometer reading is believed to be the true and actual mileage of the vehicle.
  • 7. Exempt or Not Required - by Federal Law, no odometer code is required to be displayed for this vehicle.
  • 8. Not Actual - the odometer reading does not correctly reflect the mileage of the vehicle or it cannot be known.
  • 9. Exceeds Mechanical Limits - the true mileage of the lot cannot be expressed because it has exceeded the capacity of the odometer to measure it.

Yes, we can assist our Customers with shipping to major seaports worldwide and Canada.

By purchasing a rebuildable vehicle you give yourself the chance to buy a late model vehicle at a fraction of it's fair market value. In fact you can own a repaired car for two to three years and resell it for near your original investment.

The amount or percentage of savings depends on the type of car and the model year, but is usually substantial. Of course, repair costs and quality must be considered carefully and factored into the total cost prior to the purchase. The person or company repairing the vehicle should always carefully estimate the repairs prior to the actual purchase. Customers usually obtain two or three estimates when they will not be the one to repair a vehicle being purchased.

Most if not all body shops can fix repairable vehicles. Believe it or not most of our customers fix the vehicles themselves especially when there is no frame/structural damage.

When the vehicle is properly repaired by an experienced repair facility, rebuildable cars are just as safe as a new or used vehicle.

We do not provide repair estimates - our advice is to show images of the car to the person who would normally repair a car for you. If the repairer wants to speak to us directly, we'll gladly try to help answering any enquiry.

Please note: All rebuildable vehicles on our website are sold AS IS, WHERE IS, with no warranty, expressed or implied by BidGoDrive.com

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