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No they do not. There are clean title vehicles available. To view all the clean title vehicles listed on our website please click here.

Body Style: Cars can come in a large variety of different body styles. Body Style is the manufacturer's designation of the vehicle's configuration.

Color: Color listed on this site is the common color name that reasonably represents the exterior and interior color of the vehicle. Color is not the manufacturer's designated color name, but rather simply a general descriptive name.

Cylinders: Cylinders represent the manufacturer's designation of the vehicle's power train.

Damage Terms: Damage Codes are used to indicate known damage to the vehicle. Damage codes are listed as Primary Damage and Secondary Damage (2nd). Both damage codes indicate significant information about the vehicle and any one code should not be interpreted to carry more significance than the other.

  • All Over - Damage to more than one area of the vehicle - e.g. rear end/side/front.
  • Biohazardous/Chemical - Chemical contamination of any area of the vehicle.
  • Burn - Engine - Fire related damage including wiring damage due to defects/short circuits.
  • Burn - Interior - Fire related damage to any part of the interior/luggage bay, including wiring damage due to defects/short circuits.
  • Burn - Extensive fire damage to most/all of the vehicle.
  • Front End - Damage to the front of the vehicle (from the 'A' Post forward).
  • Hail - Damage to any vehicle body panels from hailstones.
  • Mechanical - Damage to the engine and the gearbox to include: knocking/noisy engine; smokey engine; gears not engaging; oil leaks; cracks/holes in engine or gearbox, including sump.
  • Minor Dents/Scratches - Minor dents to any panels of the vehicle. Multiple scratches on any panels of the vehicle.
  • Normal Wear - No visible evidence of significant accidental damage. Normal wear and tear related aspects of condition only.
  • Partial/Incomplete Repair - Visible evidence of poor or incomplete repairs to vehicle body, chassis or paintwork.
  • Previous Repair - Any obvious repairs completed to the vehicle body or paintwork.
  • Rollover - All panels including roof damage that clearly shows signs of being rolled and/or flipped. Includes possible engine oil spillage.
  • Rear end - Damage to the rear end of the vehicle including the rear quarter panels and boot floor. (If the boot floor is damaged, always image).
  • Side - Damage to either side of the vehicle, including front wings and rear quarters. If both sides are damaged, this is classed as 'side'. Can include also the wheels and tyres.
  • Top/Roof - Visible damage to the roof, door and/or tailgate tops.
  • Unknown
  • Undercarriage - Visible damage to any part of the underside, including the body and any ancillary fittings. Includes suspension, exhaust, fuel tank etc.
  • Missing/Altered Vin - VIN number missing from the vehicle or if the VIN has been altered or restamped on the vehicle.
  • Vandalism - Where damage is overall and relatively light in nature (i.e. broken glass, contaminated paintwork and slashed upholstery). Includes apparent theft-related damage to door handles, locks, steering lock/cowls and ignition wiring.
  • Replaced Vin - Use 'missing/altered VIN'.
  • Water/Flood - Water damage to the vehicle interior - or mechanical defects to the engine/transmission - due to water ingestion. Use in conjunction with the 'Flood Line Marker' process.

These codes indicate known or reported damage only and are limited by their nature. BidGoDrive expressly disclaims the accuracy of Damage Codes, as information may not accurately reflect the type or extent of damage to any vehicle. Damage Codes may not be used or relied upon for bidding purposes or for any other reason. BidGoDrive strongly recommends that buyers thoroughly inspect vehicles before purchase.

Drive: Drive is the manufacturer's designation of the vehicle's power train.

Fuel: Fuel indicates the fuel type used by the engine as designated by the VIN.

Odometer Descriptions: Odometer descriptions reflect the known reliability of the odometer reading. There are four odometer types:

  • Actual - the odometer reading is believed to be the true and actual mileage of the vehicle.
  • Exempt - by Federal Law, no odometer code is required to be displayed for this vehicle.
  • Not Actual - the odometer reading does not correctly reflect the mileage of the vehicle or it cannot be known.
  • Exceeds Mechanical Limits - the true mileage of the vehicle cannot be expressed because it has exceeded the capacity of the odometer to measure it.
  • TMU - True mileage unknown.

Title Type: Title Type denotes the ownership documents that will be transferred to the buyer. Each state issues a wide variety of different ownership documents. Each type of document carries with it certain ownership rights and certain restrictions or burdens. Buyers should research the viability of each type of title document for their intended use of the vehicle prior to purchase. Each state maintains information on its website for this purpose.

These are only the current ownership documents for this vehicle. They do not in any way represent or attempt to represent any prior history of the vehicle. You may check the title history of any clean title vehicle though companies such as AutoCheck.

VIN: A VIN is the Vehicle Identification Number assigned by the manufacturer.

Lot Drives or Yard Drives - when a vehicle will drive around a parking lot, but cannot be driven on public highways and roads until all the repairs are complete.

Good Airbags, Airbags Okay or Airbags Intact - The airbags have not been deployed, after an accident has occurred.

Yes, we can assist our Customers with shipping to major seaports worldwide and Canada.

By purchasing a rebuildable vehicle you give yourself the chance to buy a late model vehicle at a fraction of it's fair market value. In fact you can own a repaired car for two to three years and resell it for near your original investment.

The amount or percentage of savings depends on the type of car and the model year, but is usually substantial. Of course, repair costs and quality must be considered carefully and factored into the total cost prior to the purchase. The person or company repairing the vehicle should always carefully estimate the repairs prior to the actual purchase. Customers usually obtain two or three estimates when they will not be the one to repair a vehicle being purchased.

Most if not all body shops can fix repairable vehicles. Believe it or not most of our customers fix the vehicles themselves especially when there is no frame/structural damage.

When the vehicle is properly repaired by an experienced repair facility, rebuildable cars are just as safe as a new or used vehicle.

We do not provide repair estimates - our advice is to show images of the car to the person who would normally repair a car for you. If the repairer wants to speak to us directly, we'll gladly try to help answering any enquiry.

Please note: All rebuildable vehicles on our website are sold AS IS, WHERE IS, with no warranty, expressed or implied by BidGoDrive.com

There are a few steps required in order to complete the purchase of a vehicle when using our website. Each step must be completed fully, in order and in a timely fashion. Please help us to make the buying process as smooth and quick as possible.

After you have spoken to a sales associate, you may reserve the vehicle you wish to purchase from the website. This may be done with a credit or debit card.

Step 1: Click on the "Reserve Vehicle" tab above the vehicle images on the vehicle listing page.

Step 2: Accept the "Terms of Service" These terms are binding and we record your IP Address.

Step 3: You will be directed to the payment page. Please fill out all the necessary information on our "Payments" page and click the "Continue" button. This page is secure and encrypted. We accept all major credit cards.

Step 4: You will receive an email from our credit card processor confirming your deposit.

Step 5: After you have received confirmation for your deposit, you are required to email or text us a copy of your government issued Driver License or Passport. This information must match the credit card information you used for the deposit on the vehicle.

Step 6: Once we receive your Photo Identification, we will draft an invoice with all the details of the vehicle. This invoice will also reflect your balance due to complete the purchase. We will then email you a copy of your invoice, customer declaration and our bank information.

Step 7: Once you receive the email with the invoice and customer declaration, you must sign these two documents immediately and email them to info [@] bidgodrive.com

Step 8: After we confirm that we have received your payment on your vehicle, we will notify you that your vehicle is clear for pick up. You can arrange your own transportation or we can assist you with transport at your expense. Any vehicle that has not been picked up after 7 days will be charged a $40 per day "Storage Fee".

Note: We also accept cash and cashier's check at our NY or NJ main locations. Cashier's checks are held for 5 business days, then your vehicle will be released. Any cash payments over $10,000 USD we will require your social security number and will be reported to the IRS. The balance due on any other vehicle located outside NY or NJ must be paid by wire transfer only.

If you need assistance transporting your vehicle, we can list the vehicle to ship. This process is done as quickly as possible, but we cannot guarantee timeframes as some aspects of shipping are out of our control.

We use a dispatching website. It is set up exclusively to move vehicles in the US. Once we have your completed invoice, with the address you are having the vehicle shipped to, we will post it to this website. We have shipped vehicles all over the US and know what it will typically cost to get a vehicle moved. We will attempt to keep the costs as low as possible. We DO NOT make any money off the shipping of the vehicles. All the money goes to the driver.

While we can get most vehicles shipped to you in a week or two, we do not guarantee this. Many factors such as location, distance, weather, the type of vehicle, vehicle condition and others may affect how long and how expensive the shipping will be. While we welcome our customers to contact us if they have any questions about shipping, please allow a reasonable amount of time for the vehicle to be delivered. Drivers are limited in the number of hours they may drive per day.

Payment for shipping will be your responsibility upon delivery. We ask that you provide us with 2 contact numbers so that the driver may call you to arrange the final delivery of the vehicle. Please make sure to have someone available to receive the vehicle at the agreed upon time and place.

For international buyers, there will be a few additional steps. BidGoDrive.com will be happy to arrange shipping to any port in the continental US. Since most export companies do not want to be responsible for paying the transportation company, we will need to have the transportation costs paid up front. We will pay the driver when the vehicle is picked up. It will be the buyer's responsibility to make ALL arrangements at the port. You will need to obtain all gate passes and other information necessary for the driver to enter the port and deliver the vehicle. Copies of this information must be faxed or emailed to BidGoDrive.com before the vehicle will be allowed to leave our lot.

Note: We have many great relationships with our own freight forwarder companies, please feel free to email us at info [@] bidgodrive.com for a quote on shipping your vehicle to any destination in the world.

Once we have received payment, your signed invoice and customer declaration we will mail the original title to the address provided.

Paperwork will be sent via USPS Priority Mail. It will usually arrive within 2 business days of being mailed. A USPS tracking number is placed on all paperwork and can be provided upon request.

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